Intelligence and Communication Skills

Equipping Students With Early Communication Skills and Intelligence
Integrate Life Skills in the Curriculum
Academic ability is not enough to equip students. Skills and abilities needed to communicate very well. Some schools have implanted materials commonly referred to as life skills or soft skills that early on.
BAMBANG shaking his head because it can not believe it. Al-Hikmah Elementary School Teachers Surabaya it received word that his friend decides to quit his job. In fact, his salary reached tens of millions of rupiah per month. “My friend went out for failing to coordinate with fellow team-mates,” said the man who has eight years teaching of Indonesian.
He admitted, during this school often only focus on student academic problems. The ability provided only technical or scientific nature regarding future employment. While other areas related to provision of communication in real life is often forgotten. “Learning is not only focused on academic ability. It should be understood that the investment is very important life skill. And it should be done early, “added the father of one child.
Do not want the same thing happen to student-siswinya later, Bambang always rack my brain with other teachers to develop lessons that included planting life skill. Thought it was based on the consideration that most of the time children spent in school. Moreover, many parents who are super busy workers.
Martadi MSN, education experts from the State University of Surabaya (Unesa), explained that in general life skill divided by two, namely generic and specific. Generic cover personal and social proficiency, and proficiency to communicate and collaborate. These generic skills life skill that must be given early. Teachers must develop creative activities. “While the specific life skill is included in the realm of the job. Ie academic and vocational or vocational, “he said.
What has been disclosed Martadi also implemented a number of schools in the country. One of them is Al-Hikmah Elementary School in Surabaya. Full day school is designing the school activities in accordance with the purpose of implementing life skill to be achieved. “Normally we put directly on Learning Program Plan (RPP) that we put every day,” said Bambang.

For basic life skill, usually teachers want their students are able to work in teams, able to give credit to others, loving environment, courage, independence, responsibility, and moral cultivation. “Integration with planting life skill curriculum would be easier if we use the model-themed teaching,” he said.

Many examples of plant life skill that has been done by the school. Most are outdoor. For example, medicinal plant families (toga). “We are integrated with science lessons. Learning medicinal plants as well as instilling life skill, “said East Java contributive Teacher Education Consortium choice of Islam (KPI) that.
In these activities, students in grade two is divided into several groups. Each group should be responsible for a plant that is planted to grow large. From these group activities, students eventually interact. Students who have the leadership of talent will stand out character. A quiet man, initially was having trouble to blend. “If it were so, down to motivate teachers, as facilitators. We ask the president to engage students who are less active, “he said.
Do not stop until the extent of planting, the school also asked children to make statements of plant growth. In fact, when the crop is harvested, the students are asked to raise a bazaar in the school and sell their drugs to parents. They were asked independently to offer and serve. “That way, learning has given two provisions. Namely academic and life skill, “he said.
According to Bambang, through collaborative activities within the team, the properties of the child will be revealed. Teachers will find out who needs more motivation. After that, the school will communicate to the parents.
Outdoor activities to develop life skills in elementary school students also performed Alam Insan Mulia Surabaya (SAIMS). For programs which they christened character building, leadership camp to prepare school. Students are divided into groups and asked to stay in school. “They are tested to be able to perform the task well. When their leader, be a good leader, “said Dwipriyo Setyowahono, the principal.
Through the camp at the school, students will enjoy new experiences. For example, what it’s like lining up a shower, set sleep schedule for the next day did not oversleep, and other independent learning. “What we also emphasize the socializing with other communities,” he added.
SAIMS also doing home stay. Way, left school students in the homes of residents. A location usually they choose while on holiday.
Home stay is one of the flagship activities of the school in student mental brewing. With these activities, continued Dwi, students will learn to respect others and adapt. “Teachers do have to be a front guard for the success of the program. Therefore, new ideas must always ditelorkan, “he said.
After the implementation of life skill programs, teachers must not remain silent. Teachers must be able to map students. For example, whether the student originally thought to be less in a case have been able to fix the shortcomings? “The report is usually written in a special skill mastery,” said Bambang. After teachers draw conclusions about students’ progress. Teachers must not forget to also convey to parents. (Anita Rachman)


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