Madrasah Life Education

Several methods of education conducted by tabi’in soul, is as follows.
1. Fear God and the Soul of Maksiat Holding
Allah swt. says, “And as for those who fear the greatness of his Lord and to refrain from the desire desires, verily surgalah residence (it)” (an-Naazi’aat: 40-41)
Qurtubi Imam Mujahid said words to comment on the word of God in this verse, “That is fear in the world to Allah Azza wajalla while in the valleys of sin and he is mired in it. ‘And refrain from sensual desire’, namely holding of immoral-immoral and forbidden things. ”
A fierce passions and hard cover reasonable function and to control it. It takes great strength to destroy it, centered on the fear of God, afraid to open any errors in the Day of Resurrection, afraid of suffering in the world and the hereafter. So how do the tabi’in educate their souls and follow it with the fear of God, along with the accompanied rajaa `’hope’ forgiveness and mercy. And it was realized by studying the sciences of the hereafter; start the grave problems to enter the end: heaven or hell. Learning the details of matters relating to the afterlife helps to instill fear in the soul.
2. Forming a Mental Patient
Allah swt. says, “And be patient, together with those who call on their Lord morning and evening with the hope of His good pleasure.” (al-Kahf: 28)
Soul of origin tend to send to the crime, and among its characteristics are reluctant beriltizam and bound, but glad to move and out of control, though control is beneficial for him in the afterlife. Life is not like a person ruled against the hated, or restrict his movements. Therefore, he gave the love to their owners to relax and lounge-inattentive.
It was narrated from Imam al-Hafi Basyar ra, he was walking with someone on the street, then his friend was feeling thirsty, so he said to him, “We drink from this water?” So Basyar Imam said, “Be patient until the other wells.” And when they reached the wells in question, Basyar said to him again, “Later, through other wells.” And he kept repeating. Then he turned to his friend and said, “So we decided the world.”
Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah comment on the incident by saying, “Who would understand the existence of this, he will reveal the reasons for not doing something and berlemah her soft, beautiful and promising to make patience for what they have to embrace. As some scholars salaf told that sent his soul to the evil, ‘By Allah I did not want to forbid you from that you like it but because he wanted to control the desires that bad.’ ”
This control is the punishment of Allah Ta’ala on the passions. And this is one of the factors that encourage the companions of ra, then the tabi’in to combat the soul, of who is unpopular with the ban, to what is desired and beloved passions.
3. Controlling Lust
Prophet. said in a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, “Heaven is covered (dihijab) with things that are despised, and hell is covered with lust-lust.” (Bukhari)
In Bukhari history, heaven seems to be covered with the hijab, and the hijab is not from leather or silk or other types of fabric other cover, but he terhijab of things that are despised. Therefore, it is not a cover but a lot. And the veil that varies with the variety of motifs and colors are different, because in every calamity there is a separate color, on every test there own style. Thus, it is not possible for a believer to heaven, except by revealing the hijab, hijab is full.
Disclosure-hijab hijab that sometimes takes a long time. By itself, this is an attempt “to control the soul” which sometimes strayed along the road. And the difficulty of revealing the hijab, hijab of the things that are despised, often encourage the owners to be lazy and relaxed. Reconciliation to the disgrace that is in their souls and above what is proposed for the hereafter, without any extra.
Control does not like the soul and also not in tune with it, but we have no other choice but to do this method, if we want expensive merchandise of God (heaven), though our souls are not unusual following method: just as the souls of the first generation and the tabi’in are accustomed to the good; as shown priest who consistently, Commander of the Faithful in the science of hadith, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak when he said, “People are devout in the past, they always follow the good life by itself, while our souls is almost always follow the hated. Therefore, we have to hate people who took to the hated. ”
4. Keeping the nature of Files
Allah swt. says, “And who is saved from his miserliness, they are the ones who are lucky.” (al-Hasyr: 9)
Imam al-Qurtubi said, “Files and hunks (ash-syukh and al-bukhl) is the same. Some linguists say that the miser (ash-syukh) harder than hunks (al-bukhl). “But that’s true,” Files are very greedy grabber. And that meant in the verse is miserly with the charity that is not mandatory, such as friendship, respect for guests, and the like. And not including the miserly or stingy that menginfakkan for it. And anyone who feels his soul and not widely berinfak against what we’ve tuturkan of zakat, charity and obedience-obedience, then he is not maintained from stinginess. ”
With a thorough understanding of this, Imam al-Qurtubi define miser. If so, do not like the miser who understood the people that they say he is a special human diinfakkan on the compulsory Zakat, and alms to the people and the poor and indigent people in need, but he is thorough, covering infak in obedience compliance with all of its kind. And, the worst of this kind is stinginess soul on its ban to do deeds of obedience that could bring him closer to heaven.
And miserly including the main character lives, that is the soul that holds the owner of all the closer to Allah swt. and who delivered it to heaven. Also on the contrary, he did not prevent the owner to provide the lusts and passions are distanced from Allah ta’ala, and to approach him hell. And whoever is able to fight and beat on what is wanted from the reluctance to do good deeds, it will submit it to the grace of God to heaven and he was among those who won.
5. Trust
From Muhammad ibn Abi Imran says, “I heard Hatim who can not hear someone ask, ‘With what you build your case in trust to God?’ He said, ‘In the following things: I know that rezekiku not be eaten by selainku, then calm my soul, I know that amalku not be done by selainku, so I’m busy with it, I knew death would come to me anytime, so I berisap ready for it, I know, I never separated from God’s view no matter where I am , then I’m ashamed to him if looks are doing immoral. ‘”
The scholars disagree about the meaning of trust. However, they are all significant opinions handed everything to Allah Ta’ala and the conviction of his power to fulfill it, also by revealing the causes to get something that meant (endeavor), and break away from relying on the causes of it, and depending on who makes the causes of it, He is Allah ta’ala. Four things are spoken of a zahid, Abi Hatim that can not be heard, is not the definition of trust, but it is basic manners built scholars in terms of trust.
6. Self Introspection
a. Telling humiliating Souls on Crime
Introspection is not possible without attention and standby starts against the movements of this soul. Menghinakannya before humiliated by other people and before seeking their shame-shame. And, this is the entrance to introspect soul who warned of a zahid, religious scholars, Abu Sulayman ad-Darani, when he was asked Ahmad bin Abil Hiwari: “So and so and so and so’s not in my heart (read: I do not like).” Ahmad bin Abil Hiwari said, “Nor in my heart. But hopefully we are coming from my heart and your hearts, and we do not have the kindness and love instead of us are not righteous. ”
b. Stupid Enemies
If ad-Imam Ibn Abil Hiwari Darani warn only, Yahya bin Mu’adh warned a group of his followers by example, where he said to them, “Among human happiness is to give insight to the enemy, but enemies do not have the understanding.” It is said to him, “Who is your enemy?” He replied, “My soul who sells heaven in which there is a timeless pleasure with a passion that only a moment.”
Enemies are stupid it is harmful to the soul, when the man with the falseness of the world adorn, decorate and make it easier to do lust-syhawat, and underestimate the nature of a crime. This is the battle with the soul of a believer who asked and who forget the evil force of the favors of heaven, also turned a blind eye to it, and put him the temporary pleasures of the world.
c. Always Alert
He humiliating her soul in every situation and not leave the place that he could breathe breathe in it. Not also give the opportunity to hunt in it and cover the whole broad sectors in which the soul can wander around and find a place to commit a crime. However, the current generation has no such readiness tabi’in generation.
d. Other types of Introspection
People do not think that introspection is limited to the introspection of the immoral and disparagement against the dangers of immoral or similar to it. In fact, introspection involves a variety of things, to obedience, when fear keistiqamahan in this way be affected by feelings of self pride taufik forget the giver, God Almighty. and belittle other people from the truth. This is the kind of introspection that is disclosed to us from Ibrahim ibn al-Asy’ats of ‘Abidil Haramain (Imam Malik) in seclusion (solitary) with his soul.
Wallahu a’alam bish-shawwab.
Excerpted from the book: Soul of Education Madrasah Marwa-Bulletin


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