Computer is one of the most sophisticated electronic media. In the computer there are internet programs. Because the computer program can be operated internet. In fact, almost everyone using computers as a means of operating the Internet program.
Internet is no less sophisticated with the ingredients themselves. Lately it internetlah more developed. Millions of people use the Internet for various needs, from personal, organizational, until official purposes, as assessed ineternet is more practical. In our beloved country is already starting a lot of schools that utilize the Internet as an important tool in the learning activities.
With the increasing number of Internet users even more so in the use of word wide web and e mail, they are increasingly integrated with the advanced program. For them the Internet is included as part of his life, as they socialize with their clothes.
Many of the benefits they get from the internet, especially in the communication process and extracting information, but not a few who abuse the Internet use it. Not a few teenagers who morally depraved, lazy learning, because almost all the time for the purposes of rah-rah over the internet. More-more teenagers or students who are without shame or fear of open porn sites. They all always deliver a variety of reasons when asked. For example, they all have a high sense of desires of knowledge and a sense of want to try it. In addition they are also affected by the talk-talk of the adults. All this was bad for them all and to others near them. Those who only saw a glimpse of things will continue to watch porn because they are addicted. Soon they will change the nature of much worse and they would all be involved in promiscuity. And for those who are around people who are involved with it will suffer losses as well. They will not worry or feel anxious in the presence of virtuous persons such bad manners to be near them. So that their lives are not quiet because neighbors with depraved people.
Behind all the adverse effects arising from the internet, too many negative impacts that caused the media on the internet. For example, as a source of information, communication media, e-commerce, media campaign, charging and data query.
Explore the Internet as a source of information. Through the Internet, we can access information either on the globalization of international agencies such as FAO, USDA, IMF and national institutions such as CBS, LIPI and the University. Perhaps the information provided by international companies, national and local levels that contain their products.
Internet as a medium of communication. Through the Internet can be good communication between individuals and between organizations through facilities such as e mail, fax, chat and teleconferencing.
Internet as e-commerce. Trade through the Internet become a global trend. Many new companies emerged with Internet-based. company engaged in online book sales is also known as virtual bookstore is one example of emerging companies that successfully market their products via the Internet.
The Internet is a means of promotion. Internet helps a region in order to conduct a campaign about the potential good area to potential investors or companies who will buy products from other companies.
Internet as a means of filling the data and query data. In addition to project promasi media LUDM utilize Internet technology for transmitting data entry form SP1a, sp1b and so on as well as to query the data by the authorized to access that data.
Many benefits – benefits that can be taken from the internet. But it all depends on the person – the person or company – a company that utilizes Internet media. When the Internet was abused in its use will give rise to unintended negative impacts.
According to the data I get, the teenagers and young people in China with the Internet can broaden horizons and increase their knowledge umu all. But like in our country, information that is either obscene or not also happen there. It also gives a negative impact for them because it can affect their behavior development. But it was too late because not much different in ngara us that some of them drift off into fantasy world of the Internet network.
Various circles of society today and the government in China worried by the influence of the internet there (China). And among the adult community as well as the government tried to find solutions to avoid the negative impacts of unwanted happens. The efforts that they do such repair or tighten the management of the cafe-cafe commercially available in China. And clearly and explicitly state that commercial Internet cafés should ban the entry or selecting people who will go to internet cafes. Minors are prohibited from entering Internet cafés are. People who have not grown are the ones who have not reached 18 years of age. Determination must be in obey. The teenagers and young people there banned because children who drift into fantasy world of the Internet would interfere with learning and deeply regrets that in recent times.
I think in China there are rules and there are positive effects of negative impacts. Positive impacts such as adolescents and young people in China are not affected by the things that can damage the mind and sense things that can interfere with learning. While such negative impact is if the students need the internet to get their literature may be a little difficulty because they do not have ID cards because they are under 18 years.
Finally in writing this very simple for the young writer hoping to take advantage of the Internet media to maximum in self-improvement as well as improving the whole human resources as the future generation. Instead you should never abuse the use of the Internet that can damage the morale of young people so that we can forward the ideals of the proclamation of Indonesia which has been echoed first time by Soekarno-Hatta on behalf of the Indonesian nation.
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I am a teacher, I teach in Vocational high school in Malang City
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