Symptoms The Excessive Use of Drugs

1. Opiates (heroin, morphine, marijuana) – feeling happy and happy-indifference (apathy) – moving lazy-sleepy-sickness-lisp-speaking pupils shrink (widen if overdosed) – disorders of attention / power ingat2. Ganja feel good and happy, relaxed and weak, indifferent red-eye, increased appetite, dry mouth self-control less-frequent lack of concentration, depression menguap/ngantuk- 3. Amphetamines (crystal meth, ecstasy) – increased vigilance-excited feeling happy, happy-dilated pupils, pulse and blood pressure increase is difficult to sleep / insomnia, loss of appetite 4. Cocaine-rapid heartbeat, agitation psikomotor/gelisah- euphoria / feeling happy excessive self-esteem increases a lot of talk-increased-vigilance-strain-pupil (pupil) widen blood-pressure increase-sweat / chill-mual/muntah- easy fight psychosis-bleeding-blood-brain blood vessel blockage-nystagmus horizontal / uncontrolled eye move-distonia (stiffness of neck muscles) 5. Alcohol-slurred speech-stagger reddish-face talk-much-easier-interference angry recollection-breath odor of alcohol 6. Benzodiazepines (pill nipam, BK, mogadon) – slurred speech stagger-reddish-face talk-much-trouble-irritable-Alert centering perhatianTanda Possible Narcotics and Substance Abuse addictive a. Physical-drastic weight loss and sunken-eye look red, pale face, and lips blackish-hands full of red spots, like a mosquito bite and there are signs of incision scars. Scratches and discoloration of skin at the injection site, small bowel and less well-constipation or abdominal pain without reason jelasb. Emotions are very sensitive and fast-bored-if reprimanded or scolded, she even shows of defiance, his emotions up and down and do not hesitate to hit people or speak harshly against family members or those around them-not menentuc appetite. Behavior-lazy and often forget about the responsibilities and routine tasks-show indifference and far from family-often met with people who are not known to the family, left without saying goodbye and go home after midnight-like steal money at home, school or place jobs and pawn valuables at home. Likewise with his valuables, many of the lost-always running out of money is often spent time at home in the bedroom, closet, barn, dark rooms, bathrooms, or other quiet areas-fear of the water. If exposed it will feel pain – because they were so lazy bath-frequent coughs and colds prolonged, symptoms usually occur at the time of “withdrawal” – his attitude tends to be manipulative and suddenly looked nice when there are wants, as when in need of money to buy drugs often lied and broken a promise with a variety of reasons, experienced heart palpitations, frequent yawning, excessive tears, excessive sweating, frequent nightmares, pain-experiencing head pain / aching joints TYPES OF DRUGS

Maybe you do not already know about berbagaijenis Drugs that exist, because the name used in the community is Gaulnya name, so much different from the original name ataunama official. Other PUTAUWNama Pe-te, there is a derivative of this substance to five – to six from Roin He made the connection a name Opium. There are two kinds of types and kinds of Snow White Banana shaped like Bedak.CIRI USER PUTAUWPada early stage is usually the user will appear to be eager, wistful eyes, pale, apat not concentrate, often feels itchy nose, nausea and always look sleepy.! Thin because of poor appetite, emotions are very unstable, so it is often angry and often dizzy or sick kepala.SAKAUWAdalah putauw supply interruption that would raises his symptoms nausea, watery eyes and nose, bones and joints ache, unusual sweating bodies and the wearer look like a cold shiver. SHABU – SHABUIni is the name of Methamphetamine GAUL, shaped like a kris tal such as sugar or MSG (flavor food). There are several types including: Chystal, Coconut, Gold River. USER FEATURES SHABU – SHABU: After using it, users will look vibrant, but also tend Paranoid (rather suspiciously), impressed not be silent, unable to sleep because they tend to continue their activities, but still will be difficult to think properly. ECSTASYYang this one is a psychotropic substance, a popular type of air circulation in the community are: Alladin, Apples, Electric, Butter fly with a different name Gault – macam.CIRI USER ECSTASYSetelah user wear will be energetic but wistful eyes and pale, sweaty and can not quiet , and hard tidur.Efek Negatives that can arise is the dehydration of the brain nerve damage (less fluid), liver disorders, bone and tooth loss, optic nerve damage and no appetite. CANNABISCannabis or also known as Tetrahidrocana hidrol, is a type of dried plants with effects to make the wearer become intoxicated or FLY.CIRI USER CANNABISBiasanya after using the eye will be seen praying or lower eyelids look swollen, red and watery, often seen staring, hearing such reduced, sulitberpikir, feeling happy and always laughing, but also can quickly become angry and passionate.


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